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Thieves can get ahold of your bank statements, credit card bills and other personal papers from your mailbox, your car, your purse or bag — even your garbage can. And it happens more often than you might think. Armed with enough of your personal information, thieves can potentially open a credit card or loan in your name. They spend the money — and ruin your credit — leaving you on the hook to cleanup the mess.


Rogue Shred can securely destroy your documents

Rogue Shred has a variety of simple and easy ways for you to securely destroy your medical bills, credit card slips, loan papers, tax forms and anything else with your confidential, sensitive information. You can buy pre-paid bags to fill, return and have us destroy. You can bring your materials to our downtown office or Transfer Station for destruction. Or we can set up an ongoing plan and come directly to your home.

Much better than a home shredder

Home shredders create simple strips — strips that can still be read, or worse, taped or glued back together. With Rogue Shred, your materials are pulverized, then shipped to a fiber facility where its made into new products, never to be put back together again.

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Confidential Shredding Is In the Bag!

Buy a personal shred bag for just $7. Then fill it up, bring it back, and we’ll shred all your confidential papers.

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