Customized information document destruction policy and procedures

Rogue Shred can create a document destruction policy specific to your needs.

Rogue Shred does more than safe, confidential document destruction. We can also create custom policies and procedures for your business or service — including staff training.

Your Local Shred Company

Being local means we understand your needs. Working as a partner. And being there when you need us. That’s Rogue Shred. Our friendly staff is as helpful and knowledgeable as they are courteous and professional. All 100% local.

Here’s how it works

An Account Representative from Rogue Shred meets with you on-site to learn about your needs. How do you generate and use confidential materials? Which staff members use the information and how do they access and store it? What’s your current method for destroying private information? We listen. We ask questions. We consider different options and offer recommendations. And we leave you with a detailed questionnaire to complete with the appropriate people. With the information collected, we draft a comprehensive information document destruction policy and procedures that’s ready to review by all stakeholders, including your legal counsel if needed.

Staff training to ensure compliance

With a written policy in place, our next step is to train your staff. We will provide every designated employee with direction as to how to handle personal information and retained records. We’ll also provide the proper documentation forms for internal and external auditing. And discuss what to do in the event of a data breach of any kind. We even schedule training follow-ups, as confidentiality regulations change frequently and new hires need to be brought up to speed.

  • We provide staff training programs
  • We provide every employee with directions
  • We provide internal documentation forms

Your Customized Document Destruction Policy Starts Here

Rogue Shred can develop a document destruction policy specific to your business. From initial consultation through a signed-off plan and staff training, we’re with you every step of the way.

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