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You probably don’t give much thought to the bank statement or credit card bill in your mailbox, but you should. Last year, one in every 16 Americans was the victim of identity theft. Medical bills, credit card slips, loan papers and tax forms can all give ID thieves the information they need to open a credit card in your name – or worse, steal your identity. Rogue Shred can help you protect your credit — and your good name.

Personal Document Destruction Services at a Glance

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  • Full-service document destruction
  • Purchase shred bags that you fill and return
  • Keep a secure shred container at home
  • Bring your papers to convenient locked drop boxes

Destruction Basics

Paper Waste

Keeping your confidential materials confidential has never been easier. Here’s what you can put in your shred container, shred bag or bring in for shredding.

  • ATM Receipts
  • Auto Loan and Mortgage Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Cell Phone and Utility Bills
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Employee Pay Stubs
  • Junk Mail and Magazines — anything with your name and address
  • Medical Statements
  • Tax Documents

Electronic Waste

Rogue Shred can also securely destroy your electronic waste items. When handing over electronic waste for destruction, please keep it separate from any paper waste to be shredded. And any electronic waste brought to the Transfer Station to be destroyed must be handed to a Rogue Customer Service Representative — not tossed into the general electronic waste bins. Here are the different types of electronic waste we accept for destruction:

  • CDs
  • Cell Phones
  • Hard Drives: must be removed from the computer
  • VHS Tapes
  • X-Rays
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Three Ways to Shred

Rogue Shred offers three great solutions for affordable personal document destruction

Shred Bag

Purchase a personal shred bag at our customer service office in downtown Medford or at the Transfer Station. Fill the bag at home with all your private and confidential paperwork. Then once the bag is full, simply return it to either of our Customer Service locations and we’ll shred it.

Shred Container

Rent a Rogue Shred container to keep at home and you can safely store your personal papers without ever leaving the house. Either working on a schedule or on-call, we’ll come to you and destroy your documents.

Loose Drop Off

Have a plastic tub or shoe box full of old personal papers? Bring them to our downtown office or Transfer Station during open hours and you can place them into a special locked drop box that gets shredded on a regular basis. Please note that this is for non-certified destruction, as it is not immediately shredded. If you need certified destruction, please call 541.779.4161 to schedule an appointment.

It’s OK if your materials to shred include:

  • Paper clips or binder clips
  • Staples
  • Metal file fasteners

Not accepted material list:

  • No 3-Ring Binders
  • No Plastic Bags
  • No Styrofoam
  • No Trash

Residential FAQs

How does Rogue Shred’s service differ from a home shredding machine?

How does Rogue Shred’s service differ from a home shredding machine?

The standard strip shred that comes from a home machine can easily be put back together — and this is what ID thieves look for in the trash. We do our shredding on-site and fully pulverize it, then ship it to a fiber facility where it’s made into new products. Our shred can never be taped or glued back together.

Can Rogue Shred come to my house?

Can Rogue Shred come to my house?

Absolutely. There’s a minimum charge, but we offer a drop-off container that is yours to fill at home. We can also do a one-time purge if you have multiple boxes of papers to shred. For complete details, please give us a call at 541.779.4161.

I’m cleaning out a whole house. How do I safely get rid of all the old documents and confidential papers?

I’m cleaning out a whole house. How do I safely get rid of all the old documents and confidential papers?

Simply give us a call at 541.779.4161 and we can come to you. In many cases, we can shred the documents on-site. If you have a large volume to sort through, we can provide you with containers to use as you review the papers at your leisure. Then call us when you’re done and we’ll pick everything up and shred the papers.

Confidential Shredding Is In the Bag!

Buy a personal shred bag for just $8.50. Then fill it up, bring it back, and we’ll shred all your confidential papers.

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